Rap music – definition

Rap music is a type of composition that is part of the hip hop culture. This genre of music consists of lyrical poetry and rhyming about any particular subject either solo or over a beat or a series of other musical elements. The boom of rapping came about in the 1970’s; however, its roots can be traced back decades before then in West Africa when the Groits told their stories over the beat of a drum.

A lot has changed since rap music’s humble and often controversial beginnings. What used to be thought of as a predominantly Black style of music is no longer and that is largely thanks to the rap giant Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers).

Barriers and Stereotypes have since been broken down and now music lovers from all different backgrounds have embraced the many flows of rap music. The flow of rap music is the delivery of it; examples of rap flows can be slower and smooth or fast and hardcore. Rap music can be kind, it can be educational and it can be positive and even funny. But no matter the artist or the delivery, rap music is a form of expression and an integral part of music today.