Promoting Yourself as a Rap Artist

Breaking into the rap industry requires patience and self-promotionThe music business is a very difficult territory business to venture into for any emerging artist. The competition is fierce and the industry is ruthless. This is especially true of the rap industry, in which there is a great deal of competition and a lot of public interest. However, this is not to say that breaking into such an industry is impossible and if you are a young and talented artists looking to make a name for yourself as a rap artist, there are a number of things you can do to boost your profile.

Face Space

Social media sites have become one of the most immediate forms of self-promotion for any rapper in recent years. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to alert fans, friends and followers about upcoming gigs, demo releases and anything else that will draw attention to your skills. There are also a number of music specific social networks where many artists, as well as producers and agents visit in order to find the biggest talents in the world. Always remember that these sites need to be updated on a daily basis with details of gigs, studio recordings and new tracks along with any other relevant news.


The internet has made promoting your music easier than ever, and a strong internet presence is key for any aspiring artist. However, it is still worth remembering that offline promotion is still an effective tool. Poster and flyer campaigns can help attract a massive amount of attention your local area, so make sure you’ve got plenty of printer ink and an eye catching design for your posters and flyers, which should be put anywhere that will accept them, specifically near music venues and record shops. Make sure that your print campaign includes information about gig dates and website addresses.

Getting Gigs

It’s all very well having a great advertising and promotion campaign in place, but if you can’t get anybody to listen to your music, it’s going to be hard to keep attention. The best way to secure gigs is to provide promoters and event organizers with a sample of your music. Some promoters and festivals still request /prefer a hard copy CD, and a professionally made product can be a key factor in establishing potential new contacts, so don’t be afraid to put a bit of effort into your CD cover. This is also a great opportunity to get your name and contact details seen by the people who matter.

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